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For a special evening dinner, I suggest a harbor dinner cruise San Diego experience. A dinner cruise is an ideal get-together for couples, visiting families, colleagues and friends.

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Most cruises allow children onboard except on specific occasions.
Parents can enjoy this memorable trip even with children as young as four years old.

Warm and charming ship crews will attend to our needs all throughout this memorable trip—safety concerns are therefore lifted. With this, everyone can comfortably enjoy the meal, music and lovely view offered by the harbor cruise.

Flagship Cruises in SD

Flagship Cruises in SD

Harbor Dinner Cruise San Diego


Harbor Dinner Cruise San Diego — Flagship Cruises And Events
Dinner cruises for friends, moms, dads, and sweethearts are featured in the different Flagship cruises.

During special occasions like Father’s day and Valentine’s Day, the tour company alters some of their meal plans to make it appropriate for the occasion.

A Father’s Day Prime Rib Dinner is a perfect present for our dads this coming Father’s day. Tender prime rib roast, salad and dessert comprise the three-course dinner. However, this cruise didn’t specify options for kids’ meals. In addition, a special jazz and pop music is featured for the night.

Valentine’s Day dinner cruise is meant for couples, but also has options for children’s meals. Other occasional cruises are offered for Labor Day, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Labor Day cruise features a barbecue meal while the July 4th trip highlights a good view of fireworks display.

Regular dinner cruises of Flagship are Nightly Dinner Dance and Sunday Prime Rib. Vegetarian options and children’s meals are offered in most of their dinner cruises.

All dinner cruises of this tour company run for two-and-a-half hours; vessel boarding starts at 6:00 pm and leaves at 6:30 pm.

Harbor Dinner Cruise San Diego — Hornblower Cruises And Events

Hornblower also has three-hour long dinner cruises meant for holidays and special occasions. Birthday parties have good discounts—one party guest is free for every three paid guest but only total of four free guests are permitted in each reservation.

The tour company also offers a Father’s Day Sunset Dinner Cruise, as well as one for Mother’s Day. Guests are allowed to choose their meal plans and drinks aboard the vessel during special occasion cruises.

Usual dinner cruises of this tour company are the San Diego and Lobster dinner cruises. Both have three-course meals but lobster dinners are only offered every Fridays and Saturdays.

Except for Sunset Dinner Cruises, all Hornblower dinner trips start boarding at 6:30 pm and departs at 7:00 pm. Sunset dinner cruises starts boarding at 5:50 pm and leaves thirty minutes after.

We can also go on cruises in groups of twenty or more people. However, it would be impossible to make reservations for this big group online. A contact number for group booking is indicated in the company’s website. Group reservations are given significant discounts in dinner cruises.

Aboard The Vessels

On usual trips, guests are given a glass of champagne upon boarding. Regardless of the different cruise names, most tour companies offer almost the same features to their guests—three-course dinner, coffee and tea, live music, dancing, and 25 miles of scenic city skyline view.

Basic services may be the same, but dinner cruise prices differ among different tour companies.
Cruise companies also require guests to dress appropriately aboard the ships—scruffy jeans, short pants, slippers, and other similar attires are not encouraged.

Ideal Moments

The best memories are those that we spend with people who are special to us. Hectic lifestyles may start severing the ties we have with our loved ones—spending special times together would help us improve these connections.

A harbor dinner cruise San Diego outing would be an unforgettable experience for us and for the people we hold dear.