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Vacations and traveling with children


Vacations with the family can create memories that last a lifetime for both children and parents.

But traveling with children can test even the most tolerant and prepared parents’ patience and preparedness.

Below are some suggestions to help make planning a trip with children more fun and more manageable.

Vacations and traveling Before You Leave

You can create anticipation for the kids by beginning a countdown calendar and maybe add a picture of where you’re going.

Figure out what kind of clothes will be required for where you are going but let the kids pack their bag.

Let them pack their favorite clothes of the kind they’ll need and perhaps their favorite toy.

If you need one, pack hand wipes, books, tissues, gum, candies, markers, and paper into a carry-on bag.

At The Airport

Vacations and traveling with children Airport

Vacations and traveling with children Airport

Get to the airport early and make sure you have enough time to check-in and in between connecting flights.

This will help prevent any last minute confusion and delays. Also have a plan in place in case anyone gets separated from the group. Figure out what to do and where to meet

Go over security checkpoint screening procedures with all kids before reaching it so they won’t be scared.

Everyone, including babies, have to go through the security screenings and X-ray machines.

When taking a baby through a metal detector, one parent needs to walk through the detector while holding the baby.

Kids who are able to walk need to go through the detector by themselves.

Older children should know how important this process is and that any threats made, even meant as a joke, can have law enforcement involved.

Traveling on a Plane

Traveling on a Plane and Children

Traveling on a Plane and Children


Children who weigh less than 40 pound should be in an infant/child seat according to the FAA. It can’t be more the 16 inches wide and needs to meet present safety standards.

The best seats to have are the first row when flying with smaller kids because there is plenty of legroom.

If you can’t get seats on the front row then sitting between two adults is the best place for children.

Remember to get up and walk around with the kids frequently while flying but don’t let them run around with no supervision.

Also, bring some bottled water and lotion so you can keep your body, and skin, hydrated while on the flight.

Some things to bring to keep the child’s interest peaked include pacifiers, bottles that decrease air pressure on ears, and gum.

Traveling By Car

Traveling By Car

Traveling By Car

Make it as comfortable as possible and bring blankets and pillows. Make stops at rest stops to use the bathroom and stretch.

Stock the car with toys, music, books, paper, and pencils.
Save things you may acquire while on vacation like ticket stubs, napkins, and brochures and let the kids create a scrapbook with them.


If you will be traveling somewhere you where water is involved, such as the ocean, a water park, or a pool, don’t let your kids go off on their own.

Kids should wear life jackets even if they know how to swim without one.

Know what’s in the water such as jellyfish and chemicals and avoid bodies of water that have drop-offs, currents, and cold temperatures.

Make sure to pack a hat that has a wide brim and wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.
Also, don’t forget to pack any medications you or your family will need. These include insect repellants, band aids, antihistamines, and pain relievers.